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Commands and shortcuts of File Manager

Here is the list of available commands and shortcuts for File Manager window.

Navigation commands:

Change file view to list, details, thumbnails or tree
Arrange files by name, size or modification date
Open root folder of the current drive Ctrl+\ or Ctrl+Home
Open parent folder Backspace or Ctrl+PageUp
Open specified drive
Open specified network location
Change the current location or run command prompt command

File operations:

Create new folder F7
View current file or folder with different build-in viewers F3 or Alt+F3
Refresh file list in current panel Ctrl+F5
Rename current file or folder F2
Copy selected files and folders F5
Move selected files and folders F6
Remove selected files and folders F8 or Delete or Shift+F8

File selection shortcuts:

Select current file or folder Insert
Select no files Numeric -
Invert selection Numeric *
Open current folder in external Windows Explorer Shoft+Enter

Interface and file views shortcuts:

Change current panel Tab
Select left panel drive or folder Alt+F1
Select right panel drive or folder Alt+F2
View current file with one of build-in viewers Alt+F3
Search for files or folders in current location Alt+F7
Hide left panel Ctrl+F1
Hide right panel Ctrl+F2
Swap panels Ctrl+U
Open current folder in both panels Ctrl+E
View current file or folder properties (change attributes) Ctrl+A or Alt+Enter

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