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SE-RssTools is a set of programs for RSS reading and writing which allows to view
or create and edit RSS feeds without knowledge of RSS format and structure.

SE-ReadRSS features:
  • Clear interface with tabs support
  • RSS, RDF and Atom feed formats support
  • Message filter for quick message navigation
  • Configurable folder tree for better messages and feeds management
SE-WriteRSS features:
  • Simple interface which lets you create and edit RSS without understanding format and structure of RSS XML
  • Context help for every RSS element
  • Latest RSS 2.0 standard is supported



Release Date: 15 December 2008
Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
Download Installation (~374 KB, EXE)
Download Portable Version (~116 KB, ZIP)
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is required
You can download it here

SE-RssTools is absolutely free for personal use. No registration or activation is required


2008 December 15: New version ( has released with following changes: 2008 September 15. The first version ( is uploaded to the site.

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