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PC is an integral part of our day-to-day life and work with laptop can be fun with variety of utilities which are available on the software market now.

We offer range of applications which help you to create unique atmosphere for work on your PC.

Desktop clock in SE-DesktopApps product

SE-DesktopApps is utility for desktop customization that allows you to place beautiful clock gadget on your desktop. If you're working whole day our multipurpose desktop clock can be very useful for you. Download and try it to enhance your desktop and make PC more attractive.

No matter what wallpaper you choose for your desktop, you can always configure the clock so that it perfectly complements the background. All of the desktop clock elements are customizable - clock shape, size of clock or border width, background style and arrows type. Select what type of desktop clock do you want place - it can be digital or analog clock-face, modern or vintage-styled. Clock can show system or other time zone or can be shifted by any period. If you need to have several desktop clocks just run more than one copies of SE-DesktopApps. Application includes a lot of presets that helps you to choose most suitable clock style. Just select preset and customize it if you'd like to change something.

Clock Presets

Clock Appearance

Clock Time

Alarms & Notifications

Additional SE-DesktopApps lets you to simplify your personal time organization. You can easily plan your day and don't forget about important meetings, family events or friend's birthdays. Create single or periodic event with memo descriptions, assign text or sound notifications or launch application at time. SE-DesktopApps will remind you about anything, you will not miss any of your planned events.

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