SE-DesktopApps - set of amazing gadgets for your desktop: explorer, desktop notes, media player, program launcher, clock with alarms and wallpaper changer

Desktop can have additional benefits if you're using it smartly. It can be attractive, useful, nice, family, simple, assistant or freaky... What else? Look!

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How is your desktop? It looks like empty boring system-default image? Or like hodgepodge of useful and useless files and shortcuts? Stop it! Use your desktop as a feature-rich work and relaxation area! Be creative in creation of the uniqe design of your desktop, use desktop like album for your family photos, get control over the time with clock gadget with reminder feature and save the time using quick launch panels for files and folders.






With SE-DesktopApps you can:
  • Launch applications with hotkey combinations
  • Get quick access to system drives and launch file manager with a single click
  • Add and edit text notes with a click - save important information easily
  • Create customizable desktop gadgets to launch your applications, documents, folders, shortcuts quickly
  • Organize your desktop items - group them to desktop launcher panels
  • Play audio and video files with one click using desktop player gadget
  • Configure desktop background and specify when and how to change the wallpaper
  • Add clock gadget most suitable to your desktop background
  • Create single or recurrent tasks and events with notifications
  • Measure time intervals with build-in stopwatch
  • Use application from exernal USB or flash drive anywhere
Changes in latest version:
  • Added hotkey to show and hide all gadgets together
  • Added ability to change primary working path. That can be useful to store private information in protected disk or folder and for copy/backup personal information
  • Added ability to automatically hide and restore of all desktop gadgets when launching application or displaying a popup window
  • Added ability to launch applications with administrative rights
  • Added ability to launch applications with arguments
  • Added ability to launch applications using hotkeys
  • Added zooming of a text in notes
  • Added hotkey "Ctrl+S" for saving text notes (for those who have the habit to save text regularly)
  • Added autosave during text notes editing (for those who dont care about saving)
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