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Enjoy animated puzzle, slideshow or 3D photo album, fractals or matrix rain, dancing amoebas or kaleidoscope animation, fly over 3D surfaces, watch clock with calendar or growing forest with snowflakes. SE-ScreenSavers helps you relax and get away from everyday routine.

SE-ScreenSavers - Free screensavers collection for Windows
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Release Date:
Supported OS: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7
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Screensavers in collection:
  • Puzzle - puzzle animations of tiled desktop screenshot
  • Slideshow - animation of flying and falling images or 3D photo album
  • Amoebas - dancing amoebas in 3D (also known as Flurry)
  • Matrix - view matrix code, digital rain or fly over surface in 3D
  • Kaleidoscope - kaleidoscope animation in 3D
  • Flip Clock - old-fashioned flip clock in 3D
  • Trees - digital clock and animation of growing forest
  • Clock & Calendar - analogue clock and calendar of current month
  • Fractals - smooth animation of Mandelbrot and Julia fractal sets
  • Snowfall - falling snowflakes with digital clock and timer that shows remaining time to New Year
  • Digital Clock - digital clock with lots of color presets ans customization options
Changes in latest version:
  • Added configuration window for "Snowflakes" screen saver
  • Added configuration window and new build-in image set for "Kaleidoscope" screen saver
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