Take a note to remember everything: it can help to save your time and nerves

Everyday we plan dozens of tasks, find and digest a lot of facts, surf the Internet and get information from web sites. Of course we can't remember everything what we have to remember. We need memory assistant and the note taking software can do memorizing tasks perfectly. Our Notes component helps you to freed the mind from the job to remember anything and lets you to focus on important everyday tasks.

To get the best results in our application we followed some important rules:

Quick access to notes

Take a note with one click, DON'T save it - it will be saved automatically. Use the well-known buttons (Ctrl+Enter) to close note. For safety, the note can be saved every minute while editing, if you enable this option in Settings.

Comfortable text editing

No matter what do you want to note. Save anything to use it today evening or in a year. Save your ideas, TODOs, internet links, e-mail addresses, grocery list, letters or lyrics drafts. Use a Zoom feature in Note editing window to use it comfortably on any screens.

Various management and export options

You can always manage your accumulated notes easily. If you have a moment to spare just jump to manage mode from the gadget and organize your notes:
  • send your performed tasks to trash
  • print grocery list or recipes
  • save your drafts or important notes to the .txt files

Use our SE-DesktopApps with Note gadget and you will never forget to buy broссoli for the dinner or send email to your business partner. 

Remember that SE-DesktopApps have more useful desktop gadgets, not only for notes managenent!

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