Five differences between SE-DesktopApps and SE-TrayMenu

Why it is better to use SE-DesktopApps instead of SE-TrayMenu?

SE-DesktopApps has all SE-TrayMenu features for free. And even more!

1. More than one launch panels can be created.

SE-TrayMenu lets to create only one list of files and folders for quick start. If you have many items or you would like to organize them SE-TrayMenu isn't the best application.

SE-DesktopApps allows to create more than one quick launch panel. You can place a lot of files in the big panel or create small gadget with one or two favorite items.

2. Launch panels can be placed anywhere on the desktop.

SE-TrayMenu works in the system tray area only through popup menu.

Launch gadgets in SE-DesktopApps can be placed anywhere on the desktop. They can be hidden and shown through selected shortcut. So you have one-click access to your launch panels to get one-click access to the favorite files and folders.

3. Advanced settings for items launching.

SE-DesktopApps lets to launch application with administrative rights or with arguments.

4. Unique desktop design and useful add-ons.

In addition to launcher gadget SE-DesktopApps includes 5 other gadgets - Desktop Notes for quick note taking, Desktop Player for audio and video files, Desktop Clock, Desktop Explorer for quick access to system drives, and component for desktop background design. As a whole SE-DesktopApps helps to transform desktop into useful tool for everyday work and create beautiful design for it.

5. Great prospects.

We would like to enhance and expand our leading product SE-DesktopApps. So we hope it will be better and better, and launcher gadget will include more and more useful features.

Try our SE-DesktopApps!

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