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Enjoy more than 16 different screensavers in a single package: slideshow and 3D photo album, fractals and matrix, flurry and kaleidoscope, clocks, trees and more.
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Supported OS: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7

Puzzle : Fall

Alice in Wonderland

Black White Clock

Electronic CLock

Hobbit Clock

Moonlight Clock

Techno Clock

Transparent Clock

Turquoise Clock

White Clock


Analogue Clock

Flip Clock

Growing Trees

Fractals: Mandelbrot

Fractals: Julia

Fractals: Mandelbrot

Kaleidoscope 1

Kaleidoscope 2

Amoebas : Binary

Amoebas : Sparkler

Amoebas : Hole

Amoebas : Under Sea

Matrix : Slow Motion

Matrix : Digital Rain

Matrix : Fly

PhotoStrip 1

PhotoStrip 2

PhotoStack 1

PhotoStack 2

3D Photo Album 1

3D Photo Album 2

3D Photo Album 3
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